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The Tribulation - 2

J. Mark Martin / Apr 18, 2011

Scripture: Daniel 12:1-2

Hi and welcome to the Monday edition of grace upon grace. Today on the program Pastor Mark continues his exploration of end time prophecy with the second installment of a message from last time concerning the events that will fall between the end of the church age and the return of The Lord Jesus Christ. It seems like though it seems like a short period of social and political reorganization, this will in actuality be a time for struggle and severe persecution for all who do not abide by Antichrist's plans for a new world order. We are told that even those that hold firm to the Antichrist's lead will suffer equally with those who fight against him. But through it all, the Lord remains faithful to the people of Israel, He grants them supernatural protection and a will to go forth and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now let’s join Pastor Mark in Daniel chapter 12 for a message entitled The Tribulation.

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