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The Foundation of The Word Part 9: Prophecies Concerning Jesus Christ - 1

J. Mark Martin / Feb 28, 2011


You’re pretty sure of who you are, aren’t you? You have a birthday, a town where you were born, and even the name of the hospital where you were delivered. Add to that a whole list of facts that have been recorded since your birth. Like the names of your parents, the places where you would work, even the friends that you would make. It doesn’t seem very remarkable does it? But what if all of these facts were recorded hundreds of years before your birth? Well that changes things! Hi and welcome to the Monday edition of grace upon grace. Today on the program Bible teacher Mark Martin continues The Foundation of The Word series with a new message about the prophecies concerning Jesus Christ. Did you know that there were scores of individuals that have claimed to be the Messiah since Jesus’ day? And with so many people claiming to be Christ, how can we be sure that Jesus is the true Messiah? Well God took care of it! He gave an in depth list of criteria that only the Messiah could satisfy. And guess who filled the bill in every way? That’s right, it was Jesus! He alone is the one true Messiah. Let’s learn more. Have your bible handy as we join Pastor Mark for a message entitled The Foundation of The Word Part 9: Prophecies concerning Jesus Christ.

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