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The Foundation of The Word Part 12: The Miraculous Preservation of The Bible - 3

J. Mark Martin / Mar 14, 2011

Scripture: Isaiah 40:1-2

Hi and welcome to the Monday edition of grace upon grace! Today on the program Bible teacher Mark Martin concludes The Foundation of The Word series with a final message about the miraculous preservation of the Word of God. Did you know that the bible you are reading today was nearly erased from the face of the earth? It’s true, throughout history we find several instances where the bible was banned, burned and literally hidden away from the population. Scores of people gave their very lives to ensure that the Word of God would be preserved through history and in spite of all of the efforts to erase and destroy it, the bible remains the biggest selling book of all time! But let’s learn more! Have your bible handy as we join Pastor Mark for the conclusion of the message entitled The Foundation of The Word Part 12: The miraculous preservation of the bible.

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