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The Foundation of The Word Part 12: The Miraculous Preservation of The Bible - 1

J. Mark Martin / Mar 10, 2011

Scripture: Isaiah 40:1-2

Do you cherish the Word of God? Do you pick up your bible and hold it with reverence and adulation? Well do you know how incredibly improbable it is that you even have a bible? Hi and welcome to the Thursday edition of grace upon grace. Today on the program Pastor Mark continues his study in the foundation of the Word series with a new message about the miraculous preservation of the Word of God. In this study we’ll look at the most loved, yet most hated book in the history of the world. The fact that the bible is even available in this present time surpasses all understanding. As we’ll learn today, the bible has been marked for destruction since the very beginning. So how is it that it remains the greatest selling book of all time? Well let’s find out as we join Pastor Mark in Isaiah chapter 40 for a message entitled The Foundation of The Word Part 12: The miraculous preservation of the bible.

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