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The Foundation of The Word Part 11: Scientific Accuracy - 2

J. Mark Martin / Mar 08, 2011


Hi and welcome to the Tuesday edition of grace upon grace. Today on the program Pastor Mark continues his study in The Foundation of The Word series with the second installment of a message about the scientific accuracy of the bible. In this study we’ll take a look at what the bible says about everything from singing stars to how to ward off disease. The interesting fact is that science wasn’t able to confirm these truths for close to 2000 years. So what makes the bible so special? Well one of the reasons is that it is able to stand up to close scrutiny. You can look at a scientific claim and easily confirm or reject it by simply opening up the bible. Let’s find out more! Have your bible handy as we join Pastor Mark for a message entitled The Foundation of The Word Part 11: Scientific Accuracy.

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