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The Foundation of The Word Part 11: Scientific Accuracy - 1

J. Mark Martin / Mar 07, 2011


Imagine yourself far away from the city lights. Now stare up at the night sky. At first you think you see a long wisp of clouds splitting the night in two, but as your eyes grow accustomed to the darkness a whole new universe opens up, and what you thought were clouds is actually billions of distant stars that form the center of our galaxy. Hi and welcome to the Monday edition of grace upon grace. Today on the program Bible teacher Mark Martin continues The Foundation of The Word series with a new message concerning the scientific accuracy of our bible. Did you know that before science was able to confirm an uncountable number of stars the bible had already stated it? In fact there are many instances where science has confirmed what the bible has already said. Yet there is still a question among scientists about the validity of this divine book. Well, have your bible handy as we join Pastor Mark for a message entitled The Foundation of The Word Part 11: Scientific Accuracy.

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