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The Foundation of The Word Part 10: Triumphal Entry Eastern Gate - 2

J. Mark Martin / Mar 04, 2011

Scripture: Daniel 9:25-26

Hi and welcome to the Friday edition of grace upon grace! Today on the program Bible teacher Mark Martin continues The Foundation of The Word series with the conclusion of a message from last time about the prophecies that were fulfilled on the day that we have come to refer to as Palm Sunday. This is the day when Jesus Christ rode in to Jerusalem through the Eastern Gate. At first glance this doesn’t appear to be an event of any grand significance, but when we pull it apart we begin to notice that the odds of something like this occurring specifically as it was prophesied are astoundingly astronomical. But let’s find out more. Have your bible handy as we join Pastor Mark for the conclusion of a message entitled The Foundation of The Word Part 10: Triumphal Entry and the East Gate.

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