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The Believer's Crown - 1

J. Mark Martin / Apr 12, 2011

Scripture: Revelation 3:1-2

Hi and welcome to the Tuesday edition of grace upon grace. Today on the program Pastor Mark continues his exploration of end time prophecy with a new message concerning rewards in heaven. In this study we’ll take a look at what the bible tells us about the judgment seat of Christ. Who will stand before the Lord at this moment? What will they be held in judgment for? And what will be the result of their judgment? Well the bible tells us that unlike the great white throne judgment following the millennial reign of The Lord, the judgment seat of Christ will be an award ceremony of sorts. Believers in Christ will be judged not for condemnation but for commendation. But what will the rewards of heaven be like? Well let’s find out! Have your bible handy as we join Pastor Mark in Revelation chapter 3 for a message entitled The Believer’s Crown.

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