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His Glorious Appearing - 1

J. Mark Martin / Apr 20, 2011

Scripture: Revelation 1:1-2

Hi and welcome to the Wednesday edition of grace upon grace! Today on the program, Pastor Mark continues his study in the end time prophecy series with a new message about the single most exciting day in Christian history. You guessed it, The Glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ! Now this is not simply a matter of entering a room where all people stand and take notice. This will be the most momentous occasion in the history of mankind. Jesus Christ Himself will come down to earth with the armies of heaven and once and for all defeat the forces of evil. Imagine a world free of sin and doubt. The freedom of worshiping our God unhindered. Does this sound like something from a fantasy novel? Well I assure you, it’s not. Now let’s open our bibles to Revelation as we join Pastor Mark for a new message entitled His Glorious Appearing.

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