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Resources for Parents

Raising children is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. It can also be the hardest thing you will ever do, especially when you are trying to raise them to love the Lord in an increasingly godless society.

That's why we have put together a list of resources that we believe can help make the tough job of Christian parenting a little easier. Browse through the list of websites, and other helpful resources below. If you know of any great resources that have helped you as a parent let us know.

Calvary Children's Ministry 602-445-3085 or email

Links is the website of the Focus on the Family Ministry. The site offers practical helps for your marriage and parenting role. Recent magazine articles, letters from Dr. James Dobson, news, RealAudio broadcasts and much more. 

Focus on Your Child aims to help parents bond together, share practical parenting advice, and encourage one another to make the most of the parenting years.

Parenting the Internet Generation 

This free download from Covenant Eyes is a great first step in learning more about issues facing families online.

From Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family.     

Heritage Builders exists to help educate, train and equip families to become intentional about passing on a Godly heritage to their children.     

Plugged in provides reviews of movies, music, television, DVD's, and more, all form a Christian perspective. This is a great site to check out before your chiildren go and see "that movie" that all the kids are talking about.     

Connecting today's Christian families with practical and Biblical advice and with each other.     

Filter Review is a resource provided by the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families to help you find the Internet safety solution that will best suit your needs. Parents are the front lines in monitoring what gets into the home through the internet. With all of the junk on the web these days we suggest getting a filter to protect your family.