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Resources for Kids

Being a Christian in the world today can be really, really hard. The world is always trying to steer you away from Jesus and what He wants for your life.

That's why we have put together a list of resources that we believe can help you live a sold out life for Christ. Browse through the list of websites, and other helpful resources below. If you know of any great resources that have helped you let us know.

Calvary Children's Ministry 602-445-3085 or email


Clubhouse is a ministry of Focus on the Family. This site provides a fun and safe place for kids to hang out on the web. With lots of games, crafts, stories and more ther is sure to be something to do. There is even a link to "clubhouse jr" for younger children. is the official web site of Focus on the Family "Adventures in Odyssey". This site is chocked full of fun things to do. Check it out! is the fun and games website for Big Idea, the makers of Veggietales, 321 Penguins and other Christian video series.     

Plugged in provides reviews of movies, music, television, DVD's, and more, all form a Christian perspective. This is a great site to check out before you go and see "that movie", or buy "that CD" that all the kids are talking about. is the kids section of the Bibleman website. It has games, coloring pages, and information about the Bibleman video series and live show.

Children's Bible Study

Kids' Quest

Veggie Tales Online