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Calvary Women: Bible Study Fall 2021 (Mornings)


Oct 19

9:30 am


Oct 19

11:30 am

  Every Tuesday, from 10/05/2021 to 11/16/2021, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Event Description:

“Why God?” – Finding Hope in Hard Questions. A Study of Habakkuk

Have you ever found yourself looking at the state of our world, or honestly at the state of your own life, and wondering how God could have ever allowed this to happen? Why doesn’t God intervene? How could a good, holy and just God allow so much injustice? If you have ever wondered or struggled with these same things you are not alone. In fact, you are in very good company! The prophet Habakkuk asked God these very questions thousands of years ago and God answered him in big and unexpected ways not only giving him answers, but also leaving him filled with HOPE. Join us this fall in Women’s Bible Study as we take a deep dive into the Book of Habakkuk. Together we will find that there is hope to be found when asking God the hard questions.




Calvary Community Church
12612 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ US 85029

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