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When We Meet

2nd Saturday - Monthly

Things to Know

Thank you for visiting Fellowship Adventures and taking time to read the following guidelines.

We are All Special in His Eyes!

Scripture teaches we are all special in God’s eyes.  However, no one is more special than another…so please be considerate of others by being on time, abiding by Fellowship Adventures guidelines and following the event leaders’ instructions.  This will help maintain a fun, safe atmosphere for everyone.

Dress Code

First and foremost, please dress appropriately for Christian fellowship so you do not create a stumbling block for anyone.  That means no muscle shirts, short-shorts, exterior sports bras, tank, tube, or spaghetti strap tops allowed.

Comfortable shoes and lightweight, light-colored clothes will make the experience much more enjoyable.  If you are an experienced hiker, you already know what works best for you.  If not, here are some suggestions:

  • Lightweight, long hiking pants and shirt will protect you from the sun and bushes, but shorts and T-shirt will normally work also.
  • A full-brimmed hat will protect your neck, ears, and face from the sun.
  • A sturdy pair of hiking boots or trail shoes are best, but tennis shoes will do if they have knobby tread for trails.  Most importantly, make sure your shoes are broken in.  You may want to cut your toenails a couple of days before the hike.
  • Hiking socks are best if wearing boots.

Hiking as a family is a wonderful opportunity for fun and adventure and we welcome your family on our outings.  To maximize your enjoyment and safety while with Fellowship Adventures, the following guidelines have been established for families with children less than 18 yrs of age:

  • If you are bringing a child under the age of 18 for whom you are not the parent or legal guardian, a medical waiver/consent form must be completed, signed by a parent or legal guardian, and presented at check-in prior to the event.  NO exceptions!
  • You are in charge of your family; children must stay within close proximity of their responsible adult at all times.
  • We suggest a responsible adult stay in front of small children while on the trail.  (There will be potentially harmful critters out there which may not be seen by unwary eyes.)
  • Each family member should have their own adequate water supply for the event. 
  • Children need sun protection (hats, shirts, visors, etc) and shoes that will stay on while hiking.
  • Remember, snacks will help children stay motivated.
  • You will need to be ready to carry your children if they get too tired to continue.  If they have never been on a hike, try a couple of miles around your neighborhood first.

We want this to be a pleasant experience for all, including your dog.  If dogs are allowed at an event, it will be noted by a “paw print” in the event description.  If you bring a dog, remember they are reliant on you for their needs and will be doing as much, if not more, walking than you.  We live in a desert, so prepare for your dog as much as you do for yourself.

Here are some things to think about before bringing a dog on a Fellowship Adventures event:

  • All dogs must have current license, tags, and shots.
  • All dogs must be on a leash at all times (Arizona law states a maximum 6’ leash).  That means the dog is attached to one end of the leash and your hand is attached to the other!
  • Owners are responsible for their own dogs and must clean up after them.  Be prepared to remove all treats (feces) dogs may leave behind and pack it out to trash receptacles.
  • Remember to bring water and snacks for your dog.  Make sure you rest, water, and feed her as you do yourself.  Be watchful for dehydration (foaming at the mouth).

When deciding whether to bring your dog, please consider the following:

  • Is Fido friendly around adults and children or threatened by strangers (growling, baring teeth, biting)?
  • Is Fido socialized and does he play nicely with other dogs?
  • Is Fifi leash trained without pulling or jumping and does he respond to your commands?
  • Would Fido’s barking be disruptive to the group?
  • Does Fifi have adequate physical stamina for the event?  Remember, dogs need to be in shape too!
  • Will Fido have a problem walking on bare feet over rocks and dry dirt which can cause his feet to crack and sometimes bleed?
Preparation and What to Bring

Being prepared for your adventure outdoors will make all the difference in your level of enjoyment.  Here are a few things you will want to bring:

  • Please eat before you come so you will have the energy to hike and maintain your blood sugar levels adequately.
  • Snacks such as protein/energy bars, nuts, trail mix, fruit (oranges/apples), and/or candy are helpful in maintaining your energy level.  Keep in mind you must pack out all trash.
  • Water is a must!  Minimum requirements will be noted in the individual hike description, but as a general rule, a minimum of 2 liters/70 oz should be carried.  Dehydration causes many fatalities each year in Arizona.  Drink regularly; by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.
  • Waterproof sunscreen for body & lips with SPF45 or higher is highly recommended.
  • A pack (fanny pack, day pack or hydro pack) will provide hands-free storage for water, keys, wallet, tissue, snacks, sunscreen, trash, etc.
  • A camera (with extra batteries) will preserve memories of the wonderful views, desert flora, and fellowship.
  • UV sunglasses will protect your eyes from glare and the sun’s rays.
  • A small plastic bag for trash will enable us to be good stewards of God’s creation.  The hikers motto is “Pack it in, pack it ALL out.”

First aid necessities will be available, but you might bring the following:

  • Any personal medications you need (allergy medications, inhaler, daily medications, etc)
  • Moleskin, NewSkin or Glide for blisters
  • First aid cream and small Band-Aids for minor cuts
  • Hike-dependent optional items: walking stick, lightweight jacket, binoculars, or gaiters
What Not to Bring

Fellowship is the main objective of Fellowship Adventures events.  Therefore, we ask you not to bring your electronic listening devices (IPODS, MP3 players, etc.).  These devices detract from your awareness on the trail, potentially causing a safety issue.  We would also suggest you turn that cell phone off when you arrive and enjoy the outdoors without distractions.

Absolutely no use of tobacco products, alcohol, or recreational drugs will be allowed!

In compliance with Calvary Community Church’s firearm policy, we do not allow firearms of any kind at Fellowship Adventures events.  Please leave them at home, or locked in your vehicle.

Trail Etiquette

There are some “standard” trail etiquette rules (most parks have them posted at the trailhead) which should be followed while hiking.

  • Stay to the right on the trail
  • Announce yourself when overtaking or passing someone
  • Downhill hikers yield to uphill hikers
  • Hikers yield to horseback riders
  • Bike riders yield to hikers and horseback riders
  • Everyone must stay on the path - no trailing blazing allowed.  It is not only the right thing to do ecologically, but it is also the law in most parks.
  • The only souvenirs allowed are pictures and memories.  No one should scratch graffiti on rocks or carve on trees.

Unfortunately, all hikers and bikers do not know or abide by the rules, so don’t assume they will yield to you.  Be a defensive hiker and considerate of others.  Here is an opportunity to show the light of the Lord in us.

Toilet Facilities

Our outings are outdoor events; therefore toilet facilities will often not be available. For those events not offering toilet facilities, please come equipped with the necessary items to complete your task.  Remember no paper or garbage may be left behind, so you must carry it out (the paper, that is).  Small Ziploc bags with a one-use supply of tissue or feminine hygiene products in each works well.  Also see For Women Only for more detailed information.  Trash receptacles are often available at trailheads and other areas, but not always.  

If you need to leave the trail for a potty break, make sure someone is informed of your departure and return.  Please do not enter prohibited areas, and avoid dangerous areas where you could slip and fall!


Carpooling is always a good thing, but due to parking restrictions at some event sites, carpooling may be required in order to park in the event parking area.  If so, it will be clearly noted with the carpooling icon when you sign up for the event.  You are encouraged to form your own carpools, but you may instead join a carpool through Fellowship Adventures.   

Here is how it will work:

  • During the event sign-up process, you will be asked if you want to carpool.  You may register as a driver (4-seat vehicle or more) or as a rider.
  • Carpools meet on the west side of the central campus by the mailboxes.
  • The last carpool will leave the site at the time noted at sign-up, so it is suggested you arrive 20 to 30 minutes early.
  • As people arrive, drivers will be matched up by the on-site carpool coordinator, or if you see someone you know, you can form your own once you arrive.
  • Vehicles arriving at events where carpooling is required will need at least 4 people in the vehicle in order to park in the event area.  Additional parking will normally be available a short distance away.
  • When an entrance/parking fee is required at the event, the riders should pay those fees.  If the drive is a considerable distance, riders should pay for the gas as well, leaving the wear and tear, maintenance, and insurance costs to the driver.

We encourage you to make friends and extend the fellowship beyond just the hikes.  Although group camping is not generally organized by Fellowship Adventures, some people like to camp the evening before our event when we are outside the Valley.  Understand when camping, you are responsible for all of your own equipment and food, and this is not an organized part of the event.  When camping is available near the event location, we try to include that information on the Fellowship Adventures website.