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When We Meet

2nd Saturday - Monthly

For Women Only

Fellowship Adventures events will be in outdoor settings, often without toilet facilities.  Minus toilet facilities, hiking etiquette allows for squatting in appropriate places.  No garbage is to be left behind.  If you would like toilet paper, an easy way to carry supplies is to put a “one-use” supply of toilet paper in small zip lock bags.  If it is during your menstrual cycle, come prepared; sanitary products will not be available for you.  Some brands make smaller sanitary products and again, can be carried in a small Ziploc bag with your other supplies.  Remember, these trash products can not be left behind.  (That same zip lock can now be used to carry them out.)  A fanny pack or backpack allows soiled, bagged items to be discreetly carried to a trash receptacle.  Garbage cans are often available at trailheads and other areas where events start and end, but not always.