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Getting involved in Children's Ministry is a great way to serve the Body of Christ. Serving the kids, teaching them about the Lord and leading them by example is one of the most rewarding Ministries you can participate in. We have Quarterly Sign-ups and ask for a three month commitment. At the end of the Quarter our volunteers may choose to take a break or continue serving for another Quarter. Please take some time to check out the areas of service below and prayerfully consider serving in Children's Ministry. Signing up is easy, just click on the Sign Me Up tab above.

Teachers and Helpers

Our Children's Ministry teachers are responsible for facilitating the children's classes. They prepare the lesson, crafts, snacks and anything else needed to help the class run smoothly. All classes have a two adult policy; consequently at least one helper will assist in the preparation of the class. The helpers will often take over if the teacher is not available for some reason. Calvary provides everything necessary to prepare for class and we also offer Enrichment Classes to further help you in your ministry.


Our Nursery strives to provide a loving and caring environment for every child, infant through 23 months. The Bible is taught to even our littlest lambs; therefore we encourage the helpers to plan Bible lessons reinforced with activities, crafts, music and songs appropriate for the child's age. Calvary provides training and everything necessary to prepare for class.    

Worship Leaders

Our 1st - 6th grade classes meet together for worship at the beginning of each service. Whether you play an instrument or not, you can still lead children's worship. If you love to worship the Lord through song, this is a great opportunity. We even have CD's available for you to use that have some of the kid's favorites songs on them.

Hall Monitors  

The children's safety is one of our major focuses, therefore Hall Monitors are stationed throughout our Children's Ministry Building. Responsibilities include watching the halls during service for any suspicious activity, accompanying the teacher or helper when a child needs to use the restroom, answering questions and directing members or visitors to the appropriate rooms.  For everyone's safety, we also have security cameras placed throughout the campus.

Special Needs Companions  

We provide companionship for children who need a little extra help in order to stay in a class with their friends. We are looking for helpers who will come alongside a child who may need a little extra encouragement, redirection or a verbal reminder to stay on task. Each child is paired with a teen-aged or adult companion for the duration of the service. The companion and child are paired according to the child's needs and the helper's comfort and experience level.

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